December 28, 2009

Magnetised Screaming Bell - Part 1 - Plague Monks & Rat Ogre

So I'd started glueing the thing together in order to do a Screaming Bell, as I thought using magnets would be too difficult, and I did not want a Plague Furnace anyway. Good thing I changed my mind while the glue was not entirely set. Anyway, here is part 1 of my adventures magnetising a Screaming Bell:

Step 1 - drill holes where the blind holes for the Rat Ogre and Plague Monks are. Make sure to note which are which. I went all the way through for convenience, the idea being to put green stuff over the magnets afterwards.


Step 2 - insert the magnets. These are 1/8" x 1/16" discs, usual source.


Step 3 - put a spot of paint (solar orange foundation is still my favourite for this) onto the magnets that will connect to the Plague Monks, put the Plague Monks on to get them marked, then drill holes. Note that the holes on the picture look quite ugly - this would be because I first put the magnets the wrong way round and had to force them out (when it would have been so much easier to change the magnets on the board instead, oh well…).


Step 4 - magnets are in.


Steps 5 and 6 - do the same with the Rat Ogre.


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