July 07, 2009

3,000 points

Apocalypse here we come! With the nightbringer painted (plus a monolith I’ve very kindly been offered, but which is not quite finished yet), I‘ve come to:


The Nightbringer – 360 points

Necron Lord with Warscythe and veil of darkness – 170 points

Destroyer Lord with Warscythe and resurrection orb – 180 points


40 Warriors with disruption fields – 800 points


14 Immortals with disruption fields – 420 points

11 Flayed Ones with disruption fields – 231 points

Fast Attack

16 Scarab Swarms with disruption fields – 192 points

7 Destroyers – 350 points

Heavy Support

4 Heavy Destroyers – 260 points

5 Tomb Spyders – 275 points

1 Monolith – 235 points

Total: 3,473 points

July 03, 2009


Finished the Nightbringer at last. I’ve lost count of the number of evenings I’ve been in bed, waiting to fall asleep, trying to figure out how I would paint it (the alternative being thinking about what the next stage of my long-running D&D campaign will be like). All black with grey highlights did not work; a black cloth with white flesh wasn’t appealing either. I’ve ended up with the following:body base-coated with Bleached Bone, with a couple of layers of Gryphonne Sepia washes. Then a quick highlight with Bleached Bone again, and one final, light Sepia wash.cloth undercoated Chaos Black, with first a drybrush of Adeptus Battlegrey, then a drybrush of Scab Red.The base I’d done months back, using my usual scheme - gravel undercoated Chaos Black with a drybrush of Fortress Grey followed by a lighter drybrush of Bleached Bone, and scarabs undercoated Chaos Black, drybrushed Dwarf Bronze, and finally washed Thraka Green. The eyes were done with Scorpion Green.Oh, and the scythe’s blade is not glued on – I’ve used magnets. I could not get the thing to hold on properly with glue, plus being able to remove it makes the mini much easier to store.Now if only I’d properly washed the model before the undercoat, maybe the paint would not flake as much. Hoping the coat of varnish will limit this a bit…