August 27, 2012

ApocaFez Summer 2012

So last Sunday was this year's summer edition of ApocaFez. We have that one at the local club, and it's typically a bit smaller than the winter one at Warhammer World. Still…
We did not count the points - the agreement was that the players would bring in whatever they could play - and if they started to lag behind, their extra stuff would simply be blown up from orbit! Thankfully it did not come to that.
The Imperium, I am afraid, did get properly trounced this time. Each team scored 1/10th of a point per vehicle destroyed / structure point removed. On top of this, there were 5 objectives (secretly marked from 0 to 4). The xenos did score rather well on both.

The thing to remember for me is definitely the awesomeness that are the pylons. Usually us xenos dread turns 2 and 3, when the Imperium bring in their numerous flyers and start wreaking havoc and disgorging troops. The new skyfire interceptor rules put an end to all that, in quite a definite way.

As per before, a number of pics can be found on Flickr.