May 04, 2009

10 points

So what with my cold and all I haven’t made much painting progress. Still, I’ve managed to add 10 points to the old army list, by adding a warscythe option to my destroyer lord. Right below is the lord as it was, with a staff of light glued in place:

Destroyer Lord with staff of light

And now with its shiny new warscythe:

Destroyer Lord with warscythe

Both arms have been magnetized, so I can easily swap them. I did have to pull the staff of light off the miniature and redo the attachment, but that’s all part of the fun.

Staff of light vs. warscythe

The magnets I got from, they’re the D2 x 1mm Disc - Grade N45. I superglued them in place, added a bit of green stuff, and painted and varnished over.