December 27, 2009

Magnetised movement trays

Before I speak about the magnetised Screaming Bell (real soon now), here is an idea I was toying with this afternoon:

I'd built four 5x4 movement trays from Games Workshop's modular tray set (they can be seen on the previous post). As the sets are originally 10x10, I was left with a 2x10 piece.

Now the Plague Monks box has got pieces in it to build Censer Bearers, however I'd already built the full 20 that came in the battalion box as standard monks. A quick pop down the shop later, I've got 20 more monks. 10 of these will be Censer Bearers, and the 10 left will join the existing 20 monks. And so to the magnetised movement tray, to cater for my growing troops.

The arrows point to the magnets, they are the 2 x 1 mm disc magnets from

Movement tray

Movement tray detail

Two pieces:

Movement tray

They snap together nicely:

Movement tray

It does hold well, I would think there is little risk of a split whilst moving the trays around on the game board:

Movement tray

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