January 08, 2011


I was ready to get started again on the pylon, but my plans got changed when I received my latest ForgeWorld order. Onto the Tomb Stalker.
There are quite a few bits in the kit. First, the body parts: the head, the tail, and 10 segments.


Then, the legs - 4 sprues with 6 legs each. Only 20 are needed, the extra number is to help with posing – which is nice.

There are 5 sprues with 4 leg claws each (top of the below pic), and 2 holding an "energy forcipule" (the gauss weapon), and an antenna (bottom). Note there is a hole towards the tip of the blade, this is not a bubble, it is used to help glue the gun muzzle in place.
Then come the other bits used to fully build the forcipules. I've added a quick note below on how it all fits.

One other sprue holds 2 mandibles (extreme left), and 20 "tertiary velocitators" – small legs going in between the main ones.

Last, the manipulators. This is the part I had most trouble with, I found them quite fragile. The good news is that as they are very light, any breaks can easily be glued back.

The documentation provided by ForgeWorld is quite good, just thought I'd expand a bit on the assembly of the forcipules. The below picture indicates how all the bits fit together.

The result: