July 21, 2013

A couple of game pics

6th edition 40k is quite a dynamic game. Six Eldar snippers were holed up at the top of the bastion. A single Wraith entered the building and assaulted them. Seeing three of their friends being butchered was too much for the survivors, who decided to jump for it. Alas, they all broke their necks…

And here's something coming out of the woods that has these Eldar Guardians very worried indeed…

July 07, 2013

40k turn counter

I got inspired by Gale Force 9's Sci-Fi turn counter, which is very nice, and built my own out of plasticard. I used 2mm thick plasticard, and two 3 x 2 mm magnets. This PDF has the templates and quick instructions - in essence glue the templates to the plasticard using weak glue (I used a stick of paper glue), cut to size, remove templates, then stick the faces to the plasticard with stronger glue (I used PVA glue). I also laminated the faces before glueing them.

Here is the result: