December 31, 2010


Just when I was getting started - I break my last 1mm drill bit, so cannot start the pylon's assembly. Plus, the batteries on my camera have given up the ghost, so cannot take pictures either. I guess I'll migrate my old posts instead…

December 28, 2010


To get us started, I'll try to document my building of a Necron pylon. First things first: you'll need to verify you've got all the bits in the kit, clean the pieces using cold soapy water, straighten any bended bits with warm water, and remove the extra bits of resin, using a combination of saw, Dremel, and sand paper (usual warnings apply: resin is toxic, wear a mask and protect your eyes). In the pictures below I've marked in purple all the bits to be removed. Note: I start with the cleaning and then do the sanding, and have not had any issues with peeling paint. Others will prefer to sand first and clean later.




Moving in

I have been told that my old blog was not that easy to link to. So hey, hello Blogger… Hopefully this will make things simpler.

July 18, 2010

Yes, I know I shouldn't have…

I'm very sorry. These two have been on my desk for the past couple of days, and I couldn't resist.

Hot Pursuit

July 15, 2010

Skaven Packmaster

Packmaster  3

Well I had to start somewhere with painting my Skaven army, so here is the first one, step by step:

  1. Apply Khemri Brown to the fur
  2. Apply Orkhide Shade to the cloak
  3. Apply Calthan Brown to the shaft of the things-catcher
  4. Apply Boltgun Metal to the helmet and the metal bits of the things-catcher
  5. Apply Snakebite Leather to the purse, belt and wrist bands
  6. Apply Mechrite Red to the lips (so the rat looks like it’s in a bit of a frenzy)
  7. Apply Dheneb Stone to the teeth and the claws on the feet
  8. Dry brush the fur with Dheneb Stone
  9. Apply Dwarf Flesh to the ears, snout and tail
  10. Dry brush the shaft of the things-catcher with Vomit Brown
  11. Dry brush the cloak with Gretchin Green
  12. Apply Camo green to the whip
  13. Dry brush the whip with Rotting Flesh
  14. Apply Snakebite Leather to the whip’s bindings
  15. Apply Boltgun Metal to the whip’s spikes
  16. Wash the cloth with Baal Red
  17. Wash the fur, shaft of the things-catcher and all leather bits with Devlan Mud
  18. Wash all the metal bits with Badab Black
  19. Wash the fleshy bits (ears, snout and tail ) with a mix of Ogryn Flesh and Devlan Mud (about 60/40 mix)
  20. Wash the whip with Thraka Green, then with Devlan Mud
  21. Dry brush the metal bits with Mithril Silver
  22. Apply Bestial Brown to the base
  23. Dry brush the base with Vomit Brown, then Bleached Bone
  24. Apply Vermin Brown to the sides of the base
  25. Apply varnish to the mini
  26. Add flock to the base to taste

Packmaster  2

Packmaster  1

Packmaster  4

June 20, 2010


So it's been a while, I have been busy and did not find the time to blog. There's a super heavy in the making (magnetised as per usual). Below is another work in progress – 3 sentinels, fully magnetised, getting prepped for their undercoat. And when I get time, I will post details.


April 08, 2010

They're here

At long last, they're done. Well, still need a couple of touch-ups on the second one, but they're good to play. More comments later.

2 pylons