December 07, 2009

Speedy bronzy warriors

I’ve had a bunch of warriors with me for a while (28 from a battleforce), and wanted to paint them relatively quickly. So - post assembly, I followed the below steps, doing all 28 at a time for any given step (note: the pics are not all of the same mini).

Step 1 - black undercoat (Chaos Black Spray).

Step 1

Step 2: dwarf bronze drybrush. No need to be subtle here, as the entire model needs to be painted, so the Citadel Large Drybrush did the trick nicely.

Step 2

Step 3: Thraka Green wash with the Citadel Wash Brush. Again, going all over the model.

Step 4: Boltgun Metal over the blade (Citadel Standard Brush).

Step 5: Mithril Silver over the edge of the blade (Citadel Detail Brush).

Step 6: Badab Black wash over the blade (Citadel Wash Brush).

Step 7: Snot Green over the gun’s tube (Citadel Standard Brush).

Step 8: Cover the base with diluted Chaos Black to hide the bronze (Citadel Basecoat Brush).

Step 9: drybrush of Fortress Grey over the base (Citadel Medium Drybrush).

Steps 3-9

Step 10: a lighter drybrush of Bone White over the base (Citadel Medium Drybrush).

Step 11: coat of Chaos Black on the side of the base (Citadel Basecoat Brush).

Steps 10-11

Step 12: Scorpion Green over the gun (Citadel Detail Brush).

Step 13: A dot of Scorpion Green over each eye (Citadel Fine Detail Brush).

Steps 12-13



Step 14: wash of Thraka Green over the gun’s Scorpion Green (Citadel Wash Brush).

Step 15: Gloss varnish over the gun’s tube (Vallejo Model Color).

Step 16: Matt varnish over the rest of the mini (Vallejo Model Color), ignoring the base (can’t be bothered).

Steps 14-16

Step 17: Once all dry, glue the gauss rods in place (using PVA glue and an old brush).

Step 17 (finished)

Et voilà.

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