February 05, 2012

You can't win them all

So I was going to ApocaFez, with 6 pylons and 7 monoliths, and I was expecting them to get blasted to pieces (as it turns out, I needn't have worried, I only lost a couple of pylons and one monolith). So – I needed craters. Serendipitously, From The Warp posted a cool tutorial on how to make craters on the quick. So off I went, cutting cardboard shapes and then outside in the freezing weather to paint the things with Gorilla Glue. So far, so good. Once it was all dry, I added more glue to the sides and went back inside the house. A couple of hours later, as night was falling, I went outside again to pick the craters up. The results were a little bit disappointing – the glue had not raised that much; but I figured it would be good enough and relocated the craters into the bathroom to leave then to dry a bit (what with the evening fog that was rising). Did I say fog? Like, water? When I came back to the bathroom half an hour later to check whether the glue had fully dried, I was presented with the horror below. Looks like outside mist + inside warmth made the glue want to party.
I wonder, what with the rumours of 6th Edition and Chaos getting a revamp, is this a sign that I should start a Chaos army?

(Epilogue: I did paint a few craters in the end, from Amera, which were put to good use.)