September 23, 2009

Bastion (a work in progress)

So I’ve started on my bastions. Progress is very slow but hey, I’ve been on holiday…The bolters: I pierced the tip of the guns first, then undercoated Chaos Black, drybrushed Boltgun Metal, and washed with Badab Black. The tip of the guns were further washed with Devlan Mud, then Badab Black again. Then varnished with Vallejo Matt Varnish.

Heavy Bolter

The gun turrets: Chaos Black undercoat, Boltgun Metal drybrush, and Badab Black wash. Added a bit of detail on the skulls, then Matt Varnish.

Gun turret

Bastion stage one – undercoat of Chaos Black and 2 coats of Catachan Green.


Bastion stage two – added a drybrush of Camo Green.


Bastion stage three – added a wash with Badab Black. Then sealed with Purity Seal.


As I said, it’s in progress… I’ve only completed one section yet.