May 21, 2014

Evil and fluffy thoughts

I don’t know about you, but even though I do not play them, I’ve accumulated quite a lot of Space Marines over the years. Never let good minis go to waste though, and with the release of the fall of Orpheus last year, I came up with a cunning plan: my Necrons, having triumphed over the Minotaurs, have now enslaved them (thank you, mindshackle scarabs), and use them as a meat shield when going to battle. All of this to be done during Apocalypse games, of course.

So last winter, when all was grim and dark outside, I started painting some minis. I did not go very far, but the intent was there.


Now with the new rules coming out on Saturday, I might go a bit further. I don’t know about yours, but my Necron are nothing if not pragmatic. We don’t have psykers, but the Space Marines certainly do. And what does it matter if they die horribly? So, I think I’ll add some librarians to the fold, and when in battle convince them nicely of giving themselves to possession. Whether or not they perish while trying to summon a daemon, I see it all as a win.

Plus, it should be fun painting a few daemons after all that metal…

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