March 17, 2013

Of Tomb Stalkers and storing them

I've been looking into storing my tomb Stalkers for a while now. I used to have them in foam cases, but bits kept on breaking - I've lost count of the number of antennas and other protruding bits I've had to glue back on.


So, after I'd finished painting my fifth one (at long last!), I thought I'd get smart, and store them so that the minis did not touch anything. Enter a custom foam card tray, with the Stalkers secured with Velcro tape. Great idea, works very well indeed. However, this was counting without the creatures' innate viciousness. Not being isolated anymore, they got aggressive towards each other, and one of them managed to get free of its bonds, and savaged the other ones. Look at the results below, it's quite distressing, really. When I opened the box the centre critter was still attacking the jugular of one of its comrades. Terrible, I tell you.

Tomb stalkers

So it's back to the drawing board. And to gluing bits back on.


  1. ouch! yeah I hate damaging my models in transport. Good luck finding another solution!

  2. Is that a Ghost Ark? I didn't realise the Tomb Stalker was that big, shame about the damage buddy

  3. Yes they're quite large, and full of delicate pointy bits. I'm not giving up of finding a solution, but at this stage I wonder whether I've actually been breaking them on purpose. After all, way back when I was building them, I did drop bathroom scales on one of them once…