September 24, 2012

Necron goodness at Gamesday 2012

So, to get a few things out of the way:

  • The retail zone this year was amazingly well organised (actually, the entire Gamesday was a superb experience). There was plenty of space, the queues were long but moving quickly, there were far less grumpy customers (but some people can never be pleased…), and as a result the staff were far less stressed than in previous years – cashiers with a genuine smile at Gamesday, who would have thought? Following several years of intense frustration, a big Thank You to the organisers, for having listened and come up with a very good retail experience.
  • Yes, the Horus Heresy book was there. There were plenty available, and it is a very nice book. Far from cheap, but the quality of the book (and the contents!) make is well worth it.
  • Plenty of good stuff as per ever, amazing gaming tables, super enthusiastic GW & Forgeworld folks, the works.
  • At the Black Library I bought The Emperor's Might (and got it signed by John Blanche!), it is a superb book. It's even got some Necrons in it…
But the most important stuff (for this Necron fanatic anyway) was to be found at the Forgeworld stand. We know that the next Imperial Armour will feature Necrons, the Minotaurs and the Imperial Guard. No firm dates on publication, but April 2013 is a possibility.
 And below is a few of the Necron-y goodness we might find within when the book is finally released (there was also a folder of concept art to be perused, it's fair to say there is a bit of an obsession with insectoid forms for the Canopteks. Also, plenty of flyer concepts – yummy!)
The Necron Night Shroud:
The Necron Tesseract Ark:
The Necron Sentry Pylon:


 And terrain! One of FW's goals is to try and do dedicated terrain for the various xeno races, and the below might also make its way into IA12 (if it's finished in time). FW would also love to re-issue / create new Tyranid terrain, however there are severe technical difficulties with it, as the organic forms are pretty much impossible to remove from the molds.

Even if this Necron board section never gets released, it remains a good inspiration for custom-built terrain:


 As for my immediate future, I purchased a few Acanthrites. They should keep me busy for a while…



  1. Nice to see some New Necron stuff, although I have to say they don't really look that great. A Scythe with unneeded side peices, a Command Barge with a big blob of nothing attached to the front and a rather feable looking Pylon!

    1. Of course I meant Ghost Ark, not Command Barge lol

  2. The sentry pylons do look like ugly ducklings next to their larger cousins, but as they're sure to be skyfire interceptors, all is forgiven!