July 29, 2012

Quick objective markers

Played a nice game at the local shop yesterday. Necrons + Tyranids + Blood Angels vs. Imperial Guards + Grey Knights. We kinda got trashed (12 to 1…), but great fun was had. Lesson learned: do not deploy first when the deployment map is Vanguard Strike. The mission was Crusade, with 5 mysterious objectives. We used the new Munitorum battlefield objectives from GW to mark them on the board, but I wasn't entirely convinced by these: the dice have a tendency to drop from their holders, plus it was easy to forget to activate the objectives' special rules. So today I built some. They're large (40mm), and have the effects written on them. Hopefully that'll help. If you want them, you can get the PDF here. Print the sheet, cut and glue onto 40mm bases (I use the plywood ones from Fenris Games), and you're set. They're not fancy but should do the trick.


  1. That is great, thanks for sharing, I am going to have a go with this :D

    btw, not sure why, but your comment on my Blog didn't get published even though Blogger said it did?

  2. NP, hopefully they'll be of use. Not sure about the comment, looks like the Warp got it…