April 17, 2011

Pylon - assembling the axle

There are 3 parts to fit together. They have all been primed with Chaos Black, followed by a dry brush of Dwarf Bronze, and a light wash of Thraka Green.
So one of these:
And two of those:
First, I removed the extra paint so the glue bonds to the resin, and not the paint. A Dremel with appropriate bits helped here. An added advantage is that I got a rough surface, which makes for a stronger joint.
For an earlier pylon, I'd used blu-tack to mask the parts I did not want to paint, that works too.


The glue goes in the axle's groves, and the guides get prepped with a primer/accelerator (I use Filla-Glu and their very convenient Kicka-Pen).
In order not to get nasty surprises during the final assembly, I fit the pylon onto the axle while the glue dried.
One final note on pinning: tempting as it might be, do not pin. On an earlier pylon, I pinned where the arrows are in the picture below. All I got was a weaker piece, which snapped in two during my first game with it. I've stuck with just glue since, and haven't had a single problem.

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  1. I've been wondering about this pylon stuff you write about for a while now and finally got around to looking them up. Really neat sounding vehicle. I like what you've done so far - am waiting for the finished production shots :-)