April 19, 2009

That game I won

Can’t be bothered with posting pics at this stage, however we kept track of the time spent per turn, and we ended up with the following (3 players, playing the Broken Alliance scenario with 1340 points each):

Turn 1: 56 minutes

Turn 2: 1 hour 7 minutes

Lunch: 1 hour 22 minutes

Turn 3: 49 minutes

Turn 4: 59 minutes

Turn 5: 35 minutes

Turn 6: 21 minutes

Turn 7: 9 minutes

Doesn’t say much really, except that as expected the mid-game turns take longest, as this is when the armies really clash. As for the later part of the game, their duration is an indication as to how brutal the battle was. It’s not that we were getting more efficient, it’s just that there was not much left to play with.

As for lunch being the longest turn of them all, well that’s the French for you.

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